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The FIFA World Cup Russia 2018 brew down its curtain with applause and glory. Though there was no football team from Taiwan, many people under the spells felt very excited to watch these great matches which happen every four years. Then the Asian Games followed closely in August of 2018. The representative sports team from Taiwan going with the great experiences and courage from the Taipei 2017 29th Summer Universiade continued to present the solid sports strength and performance. At these international sports events, they have striven to fight for Taiwan’s glory and reputation. With no doubts, for the future development of Taiwan’s sporting goods industry, one of the key factors is to educate these sports talents. Particularly in these global sports events, when the sports players perform well and win the medals, certainly they will catch the audience’s eyes. Moreover, the broadcast effects of the media press, Taiwan’s sports would be known to the world. And this is the reason that many countries around the world are so active that they can win the opportunities to host the international sports events. In the meantime, they would also have the chance to enhance the international images of their cities. The advantages also include the higher industrial value of their sporting goods industry and give a boost of sporting population. The hidden potential business is out of imagination and calculation. As people often say, the physical strength is the power of a nation. Thus, we can see the importance and influence which the global sports event can make upon a nation.

Accordingly to the IHRSA 2017 Global Report, the study indicates that the total industry revenue was estimated $87.2 billion in 2017. Adding the sports leisure-related industry, the total industrial value reached 1,500 billion US dollars. As shown, the global sports populations grows year by year. In facing of the ageing societies, sports is the most significant healthy industry. As the calculation shows, in the coming twenty years, the global ageing population will rapidly grow in multiple times. It could be up to 1.1 billion of people. As estimated, the consumption of the ageing people will be a great potential sector for business.

Combining the above-mentioned factors, the industrial cycle curve as predicted will last for about a decade. The industries include ICT technology, VR distance, intelligence devices to health care, the related business people start to go into this field and provide the innovation products and value-added services to improve sports effects. They begin to install the intelligent technology and the relevant intelligent facilities to transform the sports space with intelligent sports equipment and smart service system and integrate all the service and technology to form an innovative sports system. Then they will have great advantages and opportunities to enter international markets. Therefore, it is essential to combine technology and to cross the industrial fields to re-build and create a new service business model with the ideas of value sharing. There shall be multiple creative approaches to present fashion styles, to operate social clubs, to create the interactive model to exchange user experiences and to provide other differentiation professional services, etc. Only with innovative business models, Taiwanese sports entrepreneurs can perform their soft power and continue to strengthen the quality images of MIT products. The business models based on value creation, balanced interest and sustainable development will keep Taiwan sports industry more valuable, sustainable and promising.

More importantly, the TSMA team continues to lead our sports partners to explore the global markets and play the role as the bridge between the sports industrial sector and the government to promote the concept to lead a healthy life by doing sports. In the meantime, we also take humanitarian actions to donate sports products to the disprivilege groups. We also call for more resource that the government could pay more attention to prevention medicine and apply its related approaches to promote doing the right sports to the elderly people and encourage them to do sports with correct concepts. Apart from it, TSMA has also helped some disprivilege institutes to hold activities, health-related seminars or classes and so on. As highly recommended, we wish that there will be a better environment in Taiwan to develop more sports talents, experts and excellent professionals in the health care industry while promoting sports and improving all people’s living quality. Taiwan will be close to a happy and healthy island and keep Taiwan’s sporting goods industry a more advantageous and sustainable position in the global markets.