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TSMA Profile

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Taiwan Sporting Goods Manufacturers Association (TSMA) is the largest national organization within the sporting goods industry in Taiwan. Its major tasks are to promote export of Taiwan-made sporting goods, to participate in international sporting goods fairs with Taiwan-made quality image, to review overseas investment projects, to achieve governmental resources for industrial R&D and market expansion, and to facilitate government policies on intellectual property, on prevention of design piracy as well as on trademark counterfeiting as well as on environmental protection.


Established in 1972 by 16 Taiwanese sports racket manufacturers, TSMA has grown larger and more influential by incorporating sports goods manufacturers of other product categories. By June 2019, the number of the members is 325.


TSMA membership is divided into categories: one category is Full Membership which is limited to government-licensed sporting-equipments manufacturers; the other, Associate Membership is offered to qualified sporting goods traders, trade news media, government trade promotion agencies and trade legal consultants.

TSMA is composed of eight product divisions, four committees and a secretariat. These eight product division could interact and exchange information for more development and expansion. And the five committees are organized to deal with international affairs, trade shows and international trade promotion, intellectual property protection, industrial environmental protection and overseas investments. Free trade information service and inter- industrial affairs are performed by the secretariat.

On the international level, TSMA has been an inaugural member of the World Federation of Sporting Goods Industry (WFSGI), a world authoritative body for the sporting goods industry in Switzerland. In future, TSMA will continue to play a better role on this international platform and furthermore, to create a quality and futuristic image for the sporting goods industry in Taiwan.