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Feature report 2011


Spotlight on Taiwan and the1st Supplying System of Global Sporting Goods The supporting suppliers of the sporting goods for Beijing 2008 Olympic Games


Co-written by Prof. Kao, Chin-Hsung

President, National Taiwan Sport University (NTSU)
President, Asian Association for Sport Management (AASM)
Honorary President, Taiwan Society for Sport Management (TASSM)
& by Mr. Chien, Chi-Tsang
President and CEO, GYMCO SPORTS

A. Baseball Gloves: Yuan Chi Overseas Ltd.
1. Yuan Chi Overseas Ltd., located in Taipei Neihu Technology Park, is the largest basketball OEM in the world and also the largest baseball gloves OEM for U.S. Major League Baseball (MLB). Simply depends on OEM, its annual revenue reaches 6 billion New Taiwan dollars.
2. It is also the chief OEM for the gloves brand, named Louisville Slugger, for American team in Beijing 2008 Olympic Games. This brand is the best partner of Mr. Roger Clemens, the MLB pitcher, who won the most baseball games in the history.
3. The officially designated ball for NBA American Professional Basketball
4. Yuan Chi Overseas Ltd. has designed and produced for SPALDING for more than 140 models of basketball. The annual sales could reach 10 million balls.
5. As the leather processing expert Yuan Chi covers the whole process from development to marketing.
B. Soccer & Volley Ball: Top Ball Trading Co. Ltd.
1. The +Teamgeist ball the official football for the 2006 FIFA World Cup in Germany.
2. The official football and the OEM of the official volleyball, Mikasa, for Beijing 2008 Olympic Games
C. Tennis Rackets: Topkey Corporation
1. In 2007, its annual revenue is 5 billion New Taiwan dollars.
2. In 2008 James Blake used its rackets and won over the top seed player Roger Federer.
3. Topkey is also the OEM of these brands: Wilson, BABOLAT, and Prince
4. It has accumulated decades-long manufacturing experiences in the carbon-fiber sporting goods
5. The problem-solving and never-give-up spirits are always kept in all staff's mind.
6. Topkey also develops high-end products and then create publicity and popularity; afterwards, give feedbacks to Taiwan's OEM or ODM.
D. Sports Protections Gear: Long Way Enterprise Co., Ltd.
1. It produces all kinds of protection gear for soccer players, hockey players and all other kinds of sports.
2. Long Way specializes in the hard-type protection gear, mainly for soccer, baseball and hockey players for protecting the neck, knee, elbow, chest and ankles, etc. With different focuses of brands, Long Way establishes project teams to carry out product development and services.
3. Long Way is also a OEM of Mizuno and PUMA.
E. Sportswear: SINGTEX簧
1. The coconut-fiber sportswear which Canadian field runners wore in Beijing 2008 Olympic Games was produced by Taiwanese manufacturers.
2. Its innovative R&D to develop coco-fiber activated carbon cloth has caught the eyes of the world. It is an expert in functional textile.
F. Sports Shoes are the kind ofsporting goods which Taiwanese sporting goods manufacturers are best good.
  Basketball shoes, jogging shoes, and tennis shoes: Yue Yuan Industrial Ltd., Feng Tay Group and Ching Luh Shoe Co. are OEMs of Adidas and Nike.
Professional soccer shoes and spike shoes: The sports shoes designed and produced by Sanfa Footwear Industrial Co. Ltd., display high tenacity to stand strong forces. As well-known, it has become one of the best OEM for soccer shoes in the world.
G. Bicycle: Giant and Merida
1. They can produce personal bicycles as required by Olympic cyclists. These two Taiwanese bike brands are widely favored by professional cyclists.
2. Giant and Merida are the largest bicycle producers Taiwanese bike brands.

The benefits and effects created by the 21st Summer Deaflympics Taipei 2009
Ms. Donalda Amoons, President of International Committee of Sports for the Deaf (ICSD) expressed that as publicly agreed, the organizer showed great capacity so that the games were successfully carried out; indeed, it will be difficult for the next host city to surpass such achievement. The 21st Summer Deaflympics Taipei 2009 ended with a splendid firecrackers show. Apart from this successful event that Taipei City had more publicity on the world stage, it also gives us a chance to gain aspirations and reflections.

The original background that Chinese Taipei Sports Association initiated to bid the Deaflympics was to encourage the deaf to take part in sports in one way; in the other way, it also hopes to widely spread the values of the deaf. Moreover, it is a chance to demonstrate that Taiwan's society is caring for the social vulnerable group. Because the deaf face more difficulties and challenges in their social life, learning environment, working places, and so on. Thus, the government wishes to hold this event to encourage the deaf so that they can be proud of themselves and buildup self confidence. Furthermore, the public have better understanding of them and give more respect. Thus, we can construct an social environment with equal rights for the deaf in Taiwan's society. And then the core spirits and values of Deaflympics could be fully realized.
For achieving the above-mentioned goals, Deaflympics Foundation took Summer Deaflympics Taipei 2009 and The First-Ever Deaflympics in Asia, the Achievement of Taiwan as the main promotions o tell the people: It is a great honor to hold upheld the Summer Deaflympics. Moreover, Taipei City Government also encourages all the people to take part in the promotion activities and the arranged sports programs. Deaflympics fund was well-used in multiple ways of communication and promotion activities from "Deaf Drama - Hand-in-Hand Activity," "Final Countdown 365 of Deaflympics" until "2009 Final Countdown," "Four-City Tours," "Dragon Boat Festival Carnival." Meanwhile, it also corresponds with the film release, Hear Me, Deaflympics Art Drama, Deaflympics Carnival, Photograph Exhibition, Deaflympics Cultural Exchange Culture, Deaflympics Dancing Mid-Summer Night, Deaflympics Art Month, etc. All kinds of promotion activities were held for broadening the publicity of the Deaflympics; in the meantime, update the citizens of all sorts of relevant information of the 21st Summer Deaflympics Taipei 2009. In addition, the culture of the deaf was also made public known. In order to enlarge the communications, Deaflympics Foundation cooperated with schools to promote in combination with digital and printed media, internet, bulletin boards, roadside flags, posters, and gifts; besides, National Geographic Channel International filmed this event as a documentary to increase the publicity of this international event in Taipei. This is indeed a large scale for promotion.
Additionally, because organizing and marketing an international sports event involves a great number of countries and athletes and numerous kinds of games, certainly there is high demand of personnel or teamwork. Only proper personnel management could enhance the work efficiency and save personnel budget. Indeed, it took years to prepare for the 21st Summer Deaflympics Taipei 2009 from bidding the Deaflympics, preparation for sports program and hold the arranged sports games. The relevant work for preparation include core sports games, sports fields, information, ceremony logistics, security, marking and public relation, integrated managed service team and so on. All need careful planning of personnel. Undoubtedly, it is essential to well manage personnel resource and execution strategies.

In addition, as to the international marketing, the main organizer is newly-established Deaflympic Foundation which took charge of organizing and marketing the sports event. The resource from Taipei City Government was only used one month before this Deaflympics. Seemingly, there was a shortage of cooperation between the international marketing company and the main organizer. As a result, limited effects were created by using government's resource. According to our interview the Foundation, the marketing media department regarded the international marketing shall be part of the government's task. Nevertheless, all the preparation work was the responsibility of the Deaflympics Foundation. Taipei City Government had difficult to timely react and carry out the international marketing task. Therefore, the staff of the Cultural and Arts Center had suggested dividing the work into international marketing and domestic divisions so as to avoid work confusion.

Organizing and marketing the 21st Summer Deaflympics Taipei 2009 for Taipei City Government is a challenge to test its capacity to uphold large-scaled sports games, to lift the confidence of the locals and increase the tourism revenue of Taipei City. Taipei City Government made great amount of capital and personnel to well prepare all for this rare and honorable sports event.

Even though the 21st Summer Deaflympics was not sound and perfect, it is a hard-earn chance for the Taipei City Government to make experience to hold a big sports event. Meanwhile, the City Government and the public had a chance to see the spirits of the Deaflympics to furthermore, to make better changes in the ways of living. Hopefully in the near future, endowed with the experiences, we can hold a better and sound international sports event.•