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2019 excellence

G886 VERSO 3-IN-1 Cross Trainer



G886 VERSO 3-IN-1 CROSS TRAINER offers a truly customizable, approachable, and engaging cross-training experience. Elliptical, stepper, and bike movements combined in one machine with intuitive controls. Users are able to electronically adapt movement paths, allowing them to choose among a wide variety of range of motions that fit them best. The Watts to Grid goal allows them to set their workout intensity based on how much they want to give back to the planet.




The SOLE Stepper is a high intensity machine that offers a remarkably short-duration workout. A powerful addition to any fitness facility, it features a wide range of programming options in a remarkably small footprint. It also features patented, independent pedal geometry with four-bar linkage that keeps the pedals of the machine level and ensure a safe, biomechanically correct movement while working out. The SOLE Stepper is ideal for use as part of circuit training programs or on its own. Climbing is a challenge of endurance. And the high-intensity, short-duration workout of a SOLE SC300 Stepper is unbeatable. The incline feature allows users to increase the intensity of their workouts by increasing the steepness of the climb. The high intensity engages users and allows them to reach newer heights in their workouts.

Matrix S-Force Performance Trainer



S-Force Performance Trainer combines a specifically designed motion and a magnetic resistance system to take high-intensity interval training to the next level. As members move through a user-defined path that fits their individual stride, resistance automatically increases the harder they work. This means even HIIT enthusiasts are pushed to their limit.

Low Vibration and Noise Reduction Exercise Mat



" Advanced Low Vibration and Noise Reduction Exercise Mat " has good ability toreduce vibration and noise. In the weightlifting and powerlifting training, it will cause huge noise and vibration when barbell falls on the normal mats, and too much noise and vibration could cause damage to athletes in physical and mental health. Our new design mats can effectively improve this problem, with new design in material and structure, provide this new mats get the excellent result, it can reduce 40% noise, 30% vibration and 40% vibration decay time more than normal rubber mat.

The mat with new cross-lock system design provide users easy to assemble and disassemble the mats, and prevent those mats move in huge impact.

3D Silicone Seamless Elbow Protector



Innovative " McSIL Seamless Elbow Protect Sleeve " fits well with fashion appearance. Independent silicone structure which is progressive soft silicone triangle with curved surface. It was built for good buffer and protection to prevent physical limb collision injury. Patented 4-way super stretch, ultra thin, light weight and ventilate fabric, excellent elastic-restoring for comfort compression protection and good muscle support. This innovation concept can be applied for other body part protectors.




FAST® is an innovated system integrating 3 major functions for customized insole production into a single machine: foot assessment with 3D foot shape and pressure data; foot sole scanning and molding; and insole manufacturing.  FAST® gives foot professionals and insole providers a complete, fast and yet inexpensive system to offer a client accurate biomechanics-based foot assessment and customized insoles in less than 30 minutes.  The FAST®-made customized insoles (Choisfit®) offer the best fit and dynamic support to the feet of people of all age in activities of sports and daily living.

AROFLY LINK: Power Meter in Smart Link



AROFLY LINK is small and compact, includes AROFLY power meter and cadence sensor. Simple & Quick Install, Bikes Compatible, Easily bike Transferrable in User-Friendly and Made Affordable.

Equip patented AROFLY power meter by Intelligent Dynamic Pressure Technology to precisely measure Pedaling Power from tire pressure variation.

AROFLY LINK, it connects with other bike computers via ANT+ or Bluetooth, provides Power, Cadence, Left/Right Pedal Power Ratio, Tire Pressure displaying on other bike computers.

With additional function by a designed APP to connect AROFLY LINK via Bluetooth, display riding data in real time on Smart Phone and upload data to AROFLY Cloud in wireless.

CRAZY HIT!~ The Original Drumming Exercise of Taiwan



Using drum sticks to FLY-STEP, goers not only discipline their muscle groups of the upper body, but also form their cardio and muscle training at the same time with aerobic dance.

While enjoying CRAZY-HIT programs, you also improve special physical fitness of your body such as sense of rhythm, coordination, reaction,agility , muscular power, etc.

We regularly update the courses with passionate music and multi-culture style moves. In addition to providing high-quality exercise experience, our programs help release your frustrating stress.

By combining different speed of music and designed goals of sport, we believe you will be able to exercise your whole body fully during the drumming.

ParabellR P.B.T.Course



Parabell® Training course is designed to return the essences of human body movement. Developing a most completed application system include the introduction of the Parabell® and Parabell® training method. Focused on “full body control” and “motion fluency” by 3D multi-angle action training method to provide the most realistic exercising simulation and emphasize the integrated application of the four movement modes.