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2017 Merit Award

Wonder Core Twist



Wonder Core Twist is a revolutionary all in one fitness product designed to target your whole core. With new upgrade design-twist board which are not only focusing on your entire abs and oblique but also enhance waist abs and shape the waist-curve like never before.  Besides, the twisting extent covers the range of 180°for vacillating.  It shall be the auxiliary waist-whittling tool to eliminate that stubborn fat on your sides.  Wonder Core Twist has cleverly hidden interlocking springs and precision dials on each side that gives adjustable resistance.  It’s compact and easily folds up to be stored away just about anywhere and you can take it with you and get the workout that you want!  Anywhere and anytime!




The SOLE SC200 Stepper is a high intensity machine that offers a remarkably short-duration workout. A powerful addition to any fitness facility, it features a wide range of programming options in a remarkably small footprint. It also features patented, independent pedal geometry with four-bar linkage that keeps the pedals of the machine level and ensure a safe, biomechanically correct movement while working out. The SOLE SC200 its flywheel design is different from conventional products bearing pneumatic cylinders or hydraulic cylinders as dampers; those steppers using pneumatic cylinders or hydraulic cylinders consumes more physical effort to keep the top end from being stepped down to the dead point, which may produce stop points. The stop pints and stepping force do mean more load to the knees of senior users or long-time users. Featuring a flywheel as damper, the patented design is free of those defects and capable of minimizing the load on the knees when stepping.

Table Tennis Robot



The new generation SMARTPONG table tennis robot (model no.: TJ-3000BL) equipped with  BLDC (Brushless DC) motor as its serve motor, and cooperate with a wireless infrared LCD remote control, it can deliver topspin, underspin, and sidespin balls to different table locations with four fully automatic play modes. Even better, the SmartPong recycles the balls--collecting and serving them--for continuous, unlimited play. With four modes.