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Andes 7i Elliptical



An induction brake provides precise, instantaneous resistance changes for a more efficient and effective workout. And the heavy flywheel, expansive programming and large, backlit display make it perfect for advanced training.


  • Easy three-step assembly.
  • One-step folding frames for easy transport and storage .
  • Innovative Cardio Compass display that works with any wireless heart rate.
  • receiver to provide clear, visual workout feedback.


  • Ideal pedal placement
  • Straight body posture
  • Low step-on height
  • Optimal handlebar spacing
  • Natural foot path
  • Smooth momentum




Connexus Free is a complete freestanding system with multiple training stations that users can access from all sides. Connexus Perimeter is a wall-mounted unit that can function independently or serve as the base of an expanded system scaled to your budget and space. Both Free and Perimeter feature accessory attachment points that move for workout versatility and release easily for quick changes between exercises.

THE CONNEXUS ADVANTAGE: versatility, adjustability, expandability, repeatability and accessibility

Fitness Green Power Station R-Rider



R-Rider, a new equipment is build based on the “Green Fitness” concept. This system could generate the reusable energy to reduce the carbon emissions, and then create a recycle system for the earth!

Comparing with all of the old power generating systems with bike, there is no battery in R-Rider system. We integrate the motor controller with the generator to make power can be send back to the house power grid directly without any additional equipment.

Also we make the system connect to cloud to save all the data for management. In the future, it can be used in the emissions trading, health control, and other fields.

To make the world more healthy and more green is the vision of Rhymebus. We hope the world can be better with R-Rider!

iRoller-DIY Foam Roller



iRoller is devised as DIY units which can be recombined with personal preferred pressing style. It’s enjoyable with presenting various functions and colorful combinations, which overthrows the shortage of multifunction and multi-colored on traditional yoga bar. iRoller is also fulfilled with the eco-friendly concept and makes the best use of every component and reduces the waste.

difo Green Power Spinning Bike


  • Green power of hybrid generator braking system integrated (Patented).
  • No need to install any torque sensor.
  • WATT and display information within ±3% accuracy.
  • Providing proper inertia moment to avoid sports injuries at emergency stop state.
  • Compact, elegant, captivating and ergonomical design.
  • Posterior flywheel, machined and solid for more fluid and natural pedaling.
  • Seat and handlebar: Height adjustable, forward and backward position adjustable.
  • Exclusive training modes: Constant power、Isokinetic、Heart Rate Control.

6in1 Multifunction Trainer



This product is the first in the industry to incorporate celebrity trainer in the development of product instructions. With endorsement from Will Liu, a celebrity trainer with over 25 years of training experience, the 6 major functionalities are accentuated and refined into over one hundred exercise options with Dyaco’s team. The exercise options include, but are not limited to: the unique fishing-rod-casting posture, bow posture, bat swing posture, rowing posture, and more to complement different sports training. These early developments in training options offer close-knit strategies to consequent marketing. With its launch in Taiwan and mainland China, the 6 in 1 Multi-function Trainer encompasses the first original Chinese-made marketing elements and is fully prepared for its opportunities and ambition to expand towards international markets.




JK’s Taiwan-made AeroWork is the best resolution to the sitting disease nowadays, making your dream of Work-Life Balance come true! The patented design of FlipTop provides mandatory safety, making it not just a walking treadmill with a desk, but also a standard treadmill for high intensive workouts. Patented ASA system protects your knees and joints. 4-bolt easy assembly and 4-wheel transport help to build up your walking office anywhere within just a few minutes.

AeroWork, user-friendly, patented designs, and absolutely safe, brings you work-life balance and takes care of your family’s health. .

Pocket Filter



Our Pocket Filter uses the material of hollow fiber membrane which has the similar technology found in medical dialysis. The pore size of hollow fiber membrane is 0.1 micron, while the smallest bacteria is larger than 0.2 micron. The filter has a very high effectiveness in removing bacteria (for example, Campylobacter, Salmonella, Shigella, E. coli) and in removing protozoa (for example, Cryptosporidium, Giardia). However, the pocket water filter does not remove minerals from the water.

The Pocket Filter is small, lightweight and easy to drink from. It can be used in several ways and can easily be attached to a water bottle to filter the contents.

The pocket filter is totally mobile, it can be used while camping, mountain climbing, traveling, at school, at home, in a hotel and dormitory. 

Compression Arm Sleeves



Proved by examinations, Titan Compression Arm Sleeves gently bunches the arms to provide better flexibility and movement, stabilizes the arms to prevent injury, reduces soreness and thus boosts sports performance. The fabrics of the sleeves can wick moisture away from the skin to regulate the temperature of your arms. With above advantages, Titan Compression Arm Sleeves makes your arms feel well in the movement.

Compared to other compression arm sleeves in the market, Titan Compression Arm Sleeves distinguishes its elbow protection from supporting tendons and reducing discomfort of elbows throughout the movement.

Sable GX-100XPT Extreme Sport Prescription Swimming Goggles



Sable GX-100XPT extreme sport prescription swimming goggles, you may see through the galre with the polarized blue tint, the characteristics of polarization can reflect and filt the glare on water to get clear vision. It’s different from other polarized is only available to use in bright light!

Wonder Core Digital Counter (Bluetooth)



Wonder Core Digital Counter (Bluetooth) upgrade your traditional abdominal exerciser and bike into digital version via Bluetooth transfer and customized smart phone APP.
Record your calories consumption and exercise time. Users are allowed to upload and share the exercise records.

  • Valid Bluetooth transfer distance: within 3 m. APP Compatibility: Requires iOS 5.0 or later / Requires Android 5.0 or later.
  • Built-in LED indicator: Indicate current counter status.
  • APP is allowed to upload your own exercise records. Users could select the year and month to check previous records.
  • Built-in strong magnet design: for quick installation. No tools are required.
  • Compact design: save space in operation and in storage.
  • Automatic sleep mode design: Under normal operation, the battery could last for 3 months. If left unused, the battery can last for over one year standby.
  • If not using fitness equipment, you could use your Wonder Core Digital Counter as the pedometer via APP. You are allowed to record the calories consumption and exercise time during daily walking.

i-gotU Q-Band Q-62 Fitness Tracker with Smart Notification



i-gotU Q-Band is a Bluetooth Low Energy smart fitness tracker that is sleek, functional and comfortable to wear.

Minimum 15 days battery life, it tracks calories burned, steps taken, distance traveled, hours slept, sleep quality and how far from your personal goal. Heart Rate alert reminds you to adjust workout intensity so as to help exercise more effectively and avoid overload. Fitness Pal and Workout Share/Competition feature encourage you to keep moving. The UV sensor warns you the sunburn risk.

The large 128x32 OLED display and vibration alert keep you stay connected by notifying you who is calling, who sends the message and partial text from SMS, Email, Facebook, WhatsApp, WeChat, Skype, LINE., reminders and calendar event alert.



CBright Intelligent Heated Vest

CBright develops the world’s first intelligent APP heating textile temperature control module which could be applied in multi-industries. There are few feature functions for user to easily control the smartphone APP, such as: heating, felt temperature detect and display, shake to adjust desired heat levels, preheat system, centralized management of series product, safety protection system.