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2015 TaiSPO Innovation Product -Excellence Award

Biofeedback Rehabilitation Treadmill



Low step-up height utilizing a removable patient step-up, two independent motors providing true incline and decline, true zero speed (when the belt is not moving the motor is locked for patient safety), bi-directional belt speed for forward and reverse walking, adjustable belt speed acceleration, adjustable full length handrails for safety that accommodates a wide variety of patient populations, multiple program and display modes, and instrumented deck providing basic gait assessment and training utilizing both graphical and numeric measurements of step count, step cadence and bi-lateral symmetry.

5Kg Bumper Plate for a Barbell



5KG plate with 450mm standard size of competition bumper plate , its durable rubber and plastic combination design provide the same quality and ergonomic to weightlifting athletes , especially , it provides the beginners an easy way to do training in such light weight .

Wonder Core Smart



Wonder Core Smart —The New Revolution fitness System !

  • The unique design of the exceptional core spring system provides resistance when working out and gets you those great exercise gains. The system is just like the hand of a personal trainer supporting your back as you work that body—comfortable and simple
  • Creatively designed rotating knob. To increase intensity, rotate knob to the right. To reduce intensity, rotate knob to the left. The knob’s distinctive design eliminates predetermined intensity levels so that users of all different ages can effortlessly find an intensity level that best fits them and their workout.
  • Designed to be foldable and easy to store, after being folded up it’s only 120mm tall, and can be conveniently stored in any location.
  • The spacious seat is 450mm wide. When doing your workout you’ll feel just how smooth and comfortable it is.
The soft, high-density foam, leather backrest supports all body types and prevents your body from feeling oppressive. It is much different than traditional exercise equipment because it provides the excellent workout experience.

Matrix T7xi Treadmill



Packed with advanced functionality, T7xi treadmill combines a brilliant high-definition display, myriad entertainment options and a responsive touchscreen interface with Internet and social media.
Key features:
1. Intuitive App Interface: The T7xi treadmill’s touch interface is thoughtfully designed for fitness. Its clean home screen is the easiest way users can access content. From built-in social media apps to Virtual Active to on-demand TV and video, engaging content is just a touch away.

2. Asset Management: The industry's most comprehensive system empowers you with new features, such as a customizable facility calendar, online service portal, multiple facility management and more.

3. Ultimate Deck System: Our impact absorption system provides the ultimate feel for all users, and offers over 25,000 miles of maintenance-free performance.

Naples Elite



Naples Elite is not only focusing on your upper body training, but also engaging more cardio core workout. Naples Elite reduces the harm to your knee, and benefits to users who are lack of muscular endurance or mobility.

GB7005 Mini Recumbent Cross Trainer



GB7005 mini is a new innovate product with uniquely exterior combined with the patented functions.
GB7005 mini can be both act as an elliptical cross trainer or a recumbent bike and also can do the bidirectional movement.
We designed GB7005 mini can suitable for all age-level users. It is specially designed with extremely lower step-through with swivel seat and 360 degrees ergo grip on the machine. GB7005 mini is built with very durable main-frame and very stable as semi-commercial grade. GB7005 mini gave the users more comfortable and very smooth use experienced with much lower impact cardio workout, also compatible with APP software.

GB7005 mini allows self-generating units to be plugged in, so the console remains lit and displays data longer.

Ergonomic Panorama Swimming Goggles:Blade



BLADE is a panoramic swimming goggles which is exclusively designed for swimming in the swimming pool and open water with view of 170 degree. Our funnel-shaped design of ergonomic gasket can fit in any types of facial structure. The material of gasket adopts thermoplastic elastomer that it makes gasket comfortable. Correspondingly, it is lighter 20% than traditional silicone. The strap tightness can be safely adjusted with SAEKO’s exclusive UltraFAST Buckle with US Patent.

Lateral Motion Sport Socks



Titan later motion sports socks designed specifically for lateral movement, such as badminton, tennis, and table tennis. Customers have not seen such sports socks that are the first ones, taking consideration of the ankles stability of lateral movements when they take exercise. We did some biomechanical experiments, and the results showed that you can increase the stability of ankles and reaction time when you wear Titan lateral motion sports socks.