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2013 TaiSPO Innovation Product -Merit Award


@didi DA-01 Transparent Putter



Through the transparent square of putter blade (please ignore the white line first), square stance to aim the target. After check the square, use white line to do small adjustment and aim the target. As finishing dual aim, use white line to proceed the straight movement. With dual aim system. It helps the golfer to double check and aim the straight line accurately. The bright line helps the golfer to aim the target precisely as at dawn or dusk with great sight. It is easy to train by any gestures of following the straight line. Please see the attached. Besides, the design is fashionable. The @didi golf putter coach device is your assistant instructor all the time. The @didi are awarded the patent rights of China, Japan, Taiwan, Germany, Australia...etc. worldwide.

CFSG- Commercial Elliptical



CFSG is a completely new combination of structure design and innovation products. New creative of five connection shaft structure and the best oval-exercising design help users to adjust stride (10 inches to 30 inches long stride adjustable) to proper position naturally and smoothly, all the movement fits the natural human of foot track. The Appearance catches up with movie of “transformers”, combined of fortitude and strong image to attract people’s attention to motivate the trend of this market. Varity and multi-positions handle bars and 24 high level resistances can balance hand and foot coordination movement that provide total body workout to the user.

Game-Bike + Fitness



When you connect Game-Bike with PC or game consoles, we can not only have fun in game softwares, but also socialize with other peoples. It's very popular in E generation because we let fitness bike combine with game consoles, and also to be the leader of game-fit.

Humming Scooter(Tri-Cycle Scooter)



Scooter is generally designed with 2 wheels however it is not suitable for preschool children. Thus, our product Humming Scooer is smoother and steadier scooter with 3 wheels developed for them. Scooter with 3 wheels not only have better motionless stability, but also easier to control the handle for directions. Since most children's physical coordination might not be able to precisely control the handle, we have designed a scooter that uses their instinct to control their turning directions (tilt left to turn left, and tilt right to turn right).Both sides of the prop stands had been tested through simulate calculation numerous of times, a turn can be made just by tilting away from the center gravity of our body. This tilting structure design has its patent approved in many countries.