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2012 TaiSPO Innovation Product -Excellence Award


  @didi A6 Putter Coach




@didi makes you learn how to putt within a short time and helps you to adjust your putting postures accurately to assist your swing action smoothly. @didi is simple to operate and easy to use. You may use @didi everywhere easily to improve your putting skills quickly and you will become an excellent golf player.
It is the best choice for golf players, even the beginners can reach to the hole within 10 minutes. The @didi golf putter coach device is your assistant instructor all the time. Is patented in USA,TAIWAN,JAPAN,GERMANY, CHINA...etc.

  Golf Universal Slope 11c




Simulating golf course by the rotating platform, change flat swing at driving range.

A quality golf practice equipment, simulating golf course by the rotating platform.
E-Control grass slope can rotate 360 degree either in auto or manual mode. 4-players maximum.
12mm High-quality nylon grass for arm protection from swing.
Grass and gear separate design is suitable for the coach to set camera in the front.
Pay by card.
Taiwan patent. China patent. ROHS material.

  TurboSpin 96wu-Watt of User




Exercise to increase the development on both sides body balance to reduce the risk of injury is very important. Therefore, this product has installed a sensor detection module on the exercise bike that detects the user's state of force and angle of the feet, user can use the data to balance the force as pedaling. The data feedback enhance pedaling efficiency, ultimately user could get the best method and most efficiency on exercise movement.

Magnetic resistance detection.
RPM detection.

Workout display :
-Time, distance and calories.
-PRM, Watt, speed

Watt values-L & R leg and ratio.

  Green System for Fitness Equipment




The Green system is a pod of fitness products attached to an inverter that harnesses human-generated power from exercisers and feeds it back into the power grid as useable energy. Sportsart Green system will hit the market in 2012 and will be sold in pods of up to 20 Green system cardio machines per inverter.

Available to connect up to 20 exercise equipments to make optimum electricity generation efficiency

Electricity generation efficiency:
Maximum-75% (based on the energy transformed from the exerciser's workout to eventually produce).
Resistance source from AC generato.r
Particular designed-Inverter : More stable than general Inverters in the marketplace.

  My Movable Ergo Fitness Set




The Eco Green Power system store energy from our fitness equipments, not only keep the console working while we're taking break, but also deliver those energy on portable devices like our heating wellness, or other light-duty electronic devices. Reduced usage of the low efficiency city electricity on those devices. Otherwise, we believe it also encourage users to workout on the fitness equipments to work their devices.

Li-ion Battery 5V/1200 mAh
USB port.
ON/OFF switch.
Power capacity indicator.

  Game-Bike + Fitness




GAME-BIKE can connect to computer flash game, PS2, PS3, Xbox360 and Wii for cycling or car racing games, it equipped with miles recording, time, calories functions.

While disconnecting to above computers, it is an indoor exercise bike.
Controller employs "motion sensor" Technology to provide steering input.
Wireless for PC and PS2, PS3, XBOX360, Wii etc. major video game.
Battery life time over 12hr.

  Matrix T7xe Virtual Active Treadmill



Matrix T7xe Virtual Active Treadmill offers an amazing array of features. It boasts a visually dazzling 15-inch integrated touch-screen LCD TV console with Vista Clear Television Technology for the most vibrant picture in the industry and FitTouch Technology for intuitive touch-screen functionality. The Matrix T7xe Virtual Active Treadmill is compatible with iPod® for video and audio playback, charging and on-screen playlist selection and also is compatible with Nike + iPod for the Gym.
Matrix T7xe Virtual Active Treadmill includes an embedded Asset Management wireless transmitter for service and performance monitoring, and an integrated three-speed personal fan.

It is built-in 20 different virtual reality scenery films while users running on treadmill.

Its remote asset management system could help club owner and maintenance personnel see the machine situation through computer.

  Live Light Mach's Exercise Trainer




Mach’s Exercise Trainer is a superior innovation provides the ultimate combination of a high intensity cardio vascular work out, sculpting and toning of all muscles in the abdominal region. Ordinary elliptical machines have drive systems in the front of the machine forcing the use of an angled elliptical foot path shape. As a result, this leads to injury of the knee joints. We found “Mach drills” movement which brings full range movement to user without the typical risk of injury found on traditional ellipticals. MET discovered a whole new category to allow users to lift up their knees while on a trainer, and providing a significantly better work out with no potential injury risk.

IWM- Intelligent Weight Management : With 7 users exercise records.
12 preset exercise programs

  Live Light T1.7 Treadmill




The Intelligent Weight Management (IWM) is a revolutionary new tool that monitors your weight and fitness level on a daily basis. It uses a precise integrated wireless scale to calculate an optimal workout program based on your age, weight and fitness level. IWM is not just a weight loss program.
It is a “Get fit-Stay fit” program regardless if you are above or under the ideal weight, a change of just 0.22lb (0.1 kg) in body weight generates a revised workout program. In addition the amount of calories the program burns will also be updated.

IWM- Intelligent Weight Management : With 7 users exercise records.
6 preset program (Speed, Time, Distance, Calories, Pulse, the RPM functions)
Equipped with Apple I pod dock speaker system

  ProMaster series(Commercial Upright Bike)



The C.I.M. technology module (computer integrated Manufacturing) integrates iPad/iPhone or Android devices to become.
Self-powered function with low start-up RPM.
User weight capacity 180 kg.

  Spin Bike Trainer



This eco-friendly and multi-functional product benefits bike riders, and is designed with the capability of group exercise bike that offers you fitness training any time you like. It delivers road bike training indoors with the option of riding the fitness bike alone or simulating cyclist-on-the-road training by having a real bike mounted onto the uniquely-designed equipment. The performance features allow for up to 2 people exercising on the same device. It spares riders from the influence of bad weather, from mounting a bicycle rear tire during indoor training, and helps to save the cost of a separate purchase of a fitness bike and a bicycle trainer.

  TIMIX Outdoor Fitness Equipment




These streamlined Timix Outdoor Fitness Equipments are designed in a way that one can train his major body parts while improving his cardiopulmonary function. This series includes Push Chair, Pull Chair, Leg Stretcher, 3-way Waist Trainer, Elliptical Machine and Rambler. Although the fact that indoor gym is popular throughout the world, outdoor gym is a much more accessible way for those who need training in free-of-charge open space. By using these machines, one will find that it is more than handy to carry out his daily training through our total outdoor gym solution.

Innovative exterior design
Structure innovation: Take use of spheres to shield the whole body structure, to protect the internal parts and reduce corrosion, turn the corners into the safe circle surface.
Detachable : Body structure is detachable which benefits the transportation cost and inventory due to space saving.

  BC-3816-2 Explorer Ball



BnB Rack is proud to present its latest product - Explorer ball, a T.U.V tested 50mm tow ball mounted bike carrier-safely transport up to 2 bikes with the load up to 50 Kgs.

For user's convenience, this stylish rack is equipped with tilting system for cargo access and quick release tow ball clamp. Bicycles are nested in steady ratcheting wheel trays and well secured by the locking clamps. In addition, the integrated locking pin locks the carrier to tow ball.




Based on the movement on the court, SH9000ACE is equipped with the latest TRINETIC technology, converts the impact of landing into forward momentum rapidly and efficiently. Trinetic system supports in acceleration and landing stability, which provides protection to lateral heel wear and extend the life of the shoes.




Fwatch is a aqua-floating-aid.
It allows the user to inflate the airbag and hold on to it during emergencies in the water.
Its floating-aid function will earn more time and chances for the users.

It can also be a floating-aid in the swimming classes.

Fwatch is also a cool watch when not doing water activities.

Swimmers only, sheltered waters. Help at hand, not a life jacket.

Convenient, easy to Wear and storage saving.




Compact, stylish, user friendly and innovative Music Sporty Recorder combine Heart Rate Monitor with MP3 function. - motivating you each and every time you train.
The Unique Music Sporty Recorder not only provide 7 workout programs but also comes with precision 2.4G Wireless technology & user interface is intuitive and easy to use.

Just plug your device into an open USB port on your computer and you're ready to analysis your sport data constantly.