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2010 TaiSPO Innovation Product -Excellence Award


Electronic Scoring Sign



This product is unlike traditional hand-turn scoreboard which is designed for the overall plane-oriented by integrating all exposed parts. And use the principle of jogging rotation axis with fasteners to link rotation axes of the board together in series. It is easy to store and operate, and is more solid than those traditional velcro types.

1. Beyond traditional: Digitized design to take the place of hand-turn scoreboard.
2. LED digital display: clear, less power consumption and electronic screen on the both sides that can meet all the field of vision of umpire, contestant and audiences.
3. Infrared remote control: Optional function. It's available to input scores through this gadget.
4. Universal: clock function is included.
5. Alternate power: Using Ni-MH rechargeable battery has more than 500 times of usage, which is with environment and economic benefits.

Pinnacle Trainer S770


Tel.+886-6-384-0888 ext.613
E-mail.vic@sportsart.com.tw ; wendy@sportsart.com.tw

This product is a breakthrough of traditional aerobic exercise machine forward swing or up and down movement. It adopts splayed eight-shape oblique angle movement as the design, focus on the ergonomics between the feet and the joint angles to avoid sport injuries resulting; also for the inner and outer thighs, quadriceps as well as hip abductors it provides significant training effect, besides, this product itself with a "self-generating" function which is consistent with the design of energy saving and carbon reduction.

1. Range of motion stride length: The user can always adjust stride length during exercise, the maximum length is 26 inch "
2. Eight-shape trajectory design: It's accessible to enhance the inner thigh muscles, also combines with hand exercise can strengthen the limbs coordination.
3. Power System: self-generation system.
4. Standard USB charging function: to provide 5V/500mA power to support USB charging flash drive, iPod, digital cameras, mobile phones ... etc..
5. Diversity in professional sports mode options: built-in 13 set of programs and feedback information display windows,

MF Compact Folding Treadmill


Tel.+886-4-2333-5593 ext.858
E-mail.sales@strengthmaster.com.tw ; pauline@strengthmaster.com.tw

With stylish outlook design brings a new experience for novices, seniors and women to easily accept. There's almost no exposed parts on the main body, the power system location is entirely packed, and the back-end design which is the anti-pinch patented safety device to avoid the risk of pinching or clothing jammed into treadbelt when running. Besides, there're rotating device & quick release on the panel support rack and handrail foldable device all contribute to the treadmill's safety & easy storage.

1. 100% Pre-assembled, no tool needed to install or fold the treadmill. It could be stored horizontally or vertically to put in bed or sofa's underneath as well as standing close to wall, merely less space is occupied.
2. With health management function: Available for USB data storage coordinating with IHP WEB interface.


Not only graph plus text reference on display screen, the quick starts of speed, incline angel and exercise program all make it easy for users to operate.



Tel.+886-7-977-888 ext.641

E-Glide is the unique spinning-type of elliptical in the market so far which is designed to group exercise courses, so users can also enjoy the same exercise effect as SPIN BIKE class does. In addition, this machine doesn't need any power supply that means no energy required is its most special feature.

1. Panel functions: 4 screens -Time / RPM / Distance / Heart Rate. Wireless heart-rate module.
2. Resistance is adjustable per user's preference.


Emergency braking device: In any case you can use the brake to stop the flywheel as natural as you use it in a bicycle.In addition, it also equips with a lock device to avoid pedal slide when machine isn't in use to prevent from children's inadvertent touch.
4. Drainpipe function for pedal: Sweat can be drained to the floor perfectly to avoid the risk of slipping when pedaling.
5. The overall design: Ergonomic design cleverly combined with unique drive system, and with perfect speed ratio & optimum pedal distance to make users feel relaxing to reach 100 RPM's workout easily.

Perfect Push Up + Wrist Roller



This product based on the concept of so-called Multi Training and proceed to core train products to a variety of functions. It is the one-of-a-kind product in the market that can achieve arm rotation push-ups, arm stretching and 360-degree rotation for twist training.

1. Replaceable long and short bar design allows a wide range of actions, so that have more posture training.
2. Adjustable resistance designed to allow a diverse strength & stretching training.
3. 360° swivel handle design for doing a rotation type of push-ups motion so that to make the inside front arms forward and enhance the effect.
4. Provides core trainings for wrist, arm, shoulder, chest, back ... and etc.
5. Light weight, rugged , easy to carry.

StreetStrider Outdoor Elliptical


Tel.+886-4-2639-3242 ext.533

Using the concept of indoor elliptical machine, consumers can do not only outdoor elliptical exercise but also ride it as a personal transportation vehicle for short-distance moving in city.
Even in bad weather, it can be used to exercise as an indoor elliptical.

1. Equipped with Shimano advanced inside eight-speed system.
2. Incorporate upper limbs' activity to achieve the exercise result for whole body.
3. With a rear cargo rack facilitates to put on a briefcase for commuter to get to work.
4. No seat of riding is its another feature, alloy front wheels -2 x16" and rear- 1 x20" which make it a low center of gravity and no toppling risk of tricycle by shifting body gravity to left or right side, it is easy to control the riding direction.
5. Foldable design, could be loaded into a general car.

Matrix Krankcycle



The Matrix KRANKcycle provides disabled people unparalleled benefits of those cross-training for upper and lower-body activities due to its substantial impact on the cardiovascular system. According to Inclusive Fitness Initiative ( IFI) concept Matrix KRANKcycle is fully wheelchair accessible, enabling people with limited mobility to participate. The product is without additional power and patented hand-wheel design. Normal people also can use it easily.

1. Innovative patent of 14 sets of crank-arm adjustment & lock mechanism. It can train different muscle groups, in addition, simultaneously it can prevent shaking caused by user's operation.
2. Allows the user with single hand / both hands to forward or retro rotation exercise that result in more fun and efficiency which is unlike those traditional flywheel bike only with single type of forward movement.
3. Transmission system: two-way transmission chain.
4. Frame: Ultra-high strength galvanized steel structure.
5. Flywheel: two-way flywheel; can move forward or backward.
6. Seat: Removable design for different users.

Sunglasses Cap



This product mainly take simple and practical as its starting point, using unique and innovative design of adsorption magnet to link hat and sunglasses to become a new item. Not only benefit to those who wearing glasses and to people who are not used to any frame-type eyeglasses on the ears but also provides outdoor sports players with a product with both eye & sun protections.

1. Combined hat and glasses: Easy and comfortable outdoor recreational activities.
2. Removable lenses, 90 degrees of lifting or forward & backward sliding are all available.
3. New patent, adsorption type of sunglasses which with strong adsorption force does not fall off.
4. No glasses temples design eliminates restraints on eyelid and even not to worry about the glasses slide down noses due to sweat during exercise.

Electric Jetski


Tel.+886-9-226-0457 ext.112
E-mail.joytech@justwin.com.tw ; john_lin@justwin.com.tw

This is the world's first electric jet ski, with characteristics of zero emissions, zero pollution, low-noise. When enjoying water sports, will not cause pollution and destruction such as fuel engine types do to the water. High-efficiency brushless motors and advanced lithium-powered technology are the best combination to convert power efficiently and offer the best power to the electric jet ski.

1. Horsepower: 30HP
2. Motor: Brushless DC motor.
3. Battery: 30V33AH Lithium battery *12PCS
4. Charging time: approximately 1 hour.
5. Maximum speed: 40 KM / HR
6. Endurance: 25 minutes (full speed)
7. Speed Control System: Variable Speed
8. Transmission: water injection system

Tempered Glass Soccer Table



Tempered Glass Soccer Table is a design that combines the visual (3D turf course, tempered glass side panels), audio (MP3), and action (Table Games) to achieve the best entertainment. It is the pop music elements and cool recreational sports integrating innovative products.

1. The end apron of the table is an arc with a concave shape. The ball will be rebound into the playing surface in light of the shape when it bumps against the end apron. It will increase the entertainment and challenging.
2. The long side aprons are made by transparent tempered glass to enable the spectators to see more clearly the conduct of the game.
3. Combines with external mp3 music, scores running lights which make it more fashion and more entertainment.
4. Hidden LCD electronic scoring and support external mp3 music.