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2009 excellence award

Swing Coach



Imitate ball serve in reality and make fairways a comparable operation to actual human action, moreover save the high expense on the prime cost of professional players.

1. Able to adjust the ball serving range: half or full course.
2. Two ball serving set up programs: serving balls randomly and setting.
3. Time setting of pitching: adjustable from 1 to 5 seconds.
4. Ball serving Speed: adjustable from 20 to 80 km/h.
5. Hitting angle: adjustable from -40 to 60 degree.
6. Tactics vary: long drive, line drive, ground stroke are all adjustable.
7. Ball capacity: 200

Extreme Series Treadmill T680



Combining Eastern and Western designing teams’ idea, the center design concept is based on the “circular” and user-friendly as the highest principle to avoid traditional heavy straight line design. Based on ergonomic, choose the most suitable material even for small part like handles, or the visual setting of media monitor in order to present the best exercise environment.

1. 15.4 inch LCD monitor system, external DVD, cable TV, digital terrestrial TV.
2. Four synchronize options of display mode, for both sport and entertainment purpose.
3. Install fans that adjustable in three levels and two sets of sound input sockets.

Group Heart Rate Training System


Fax.+886-4-2492-0608 or 2493-6053

In accordance with the group training using system, combining the high frequency wireless transmission technology to upgrade the monitor record from the traditional one-on-one to plenty, meanwhile enlarge the acceptance distance to 20-30 meters, and make a breakthrough of the original low frequency RF transmission mode. The transmission distance is enough to cover basketball courts, gyms, sport fields, etc. In the framework of one-on-plenty, only need USB Dongle to organize all the information to computer screen, the couch could view the situations of all users and adjust the exercise plans, moreover could use the projector to show images on big screens to add on more interest and competition atmosphere!

1. Support many-to-one system.
2. Coded transmission


Long distance appliance (suitable for both indoor and outdoor, able to cover a 28m*15m basketball court.)
4. Fitness instruments capacity (Includes heart beat accept function component, match modes without pressing any key.)
5. PC software monitors instantly and visualized display.
6. Different level training course applications are downloadable.
7. Long term record personalized image and digital information and able to easily input and output, also convenient to carry around.

Vibration Power


Tel.+886-4-2333-8893 ext.858
E-mail.pauline@strengthmaster.com.tw / amyrao@strengthmaster.com.tw

Products designed target are differentiation, complex function, light weight function, it’s design are complex vibrate effect that reaches upper, downward, left, right, forward and backwards. It does not only differ from average products that vibrate vertically now a day, but also could change the speed and the width of vibration; by the position changes when using, it could also use as full body (or partial) training vibration to build each parts curve.

1. Complex vibration (upward/downward/forward/backward/left/right), the movement path is curve line of space; and its synchronized and simplified design, save the prime cost of manufacture and fabricate. It trains more muscle and more vibration training effects.
2. Sport Prescription for sports’ time, frequency and vibrate width is already settled.


Compare to products in same level, the material, weight and costs are 30% less than others.

i-Shape TVR – 8500


In accordance with the major training of static flexibility, stimulate by vibration to increase static flexibility and instant power performance.

In addition, combine Ergonomics, Sport biomechanics, and add on instruction will present the different function of the products, furthermore mixed in static flexibility and balance elements to make it a innovated complex type and satisfy the consumers needs in different levels to improve the rival ability in marketing. Unique net like appearance and multiple sports function, and reach the outcome of sports, health and posture by sports formula- personal virtual coach.

1. Unique climbing rope design and training mode could reach the effect of figure shaping.
2. Ergonomics handle design to benefit in using different angles.
3. Humanized sports formula display could reach the function needs.
4. Pellet pedal design improves the blood circulation.
5. Extra large pedal design and both sides pellet pedal enhance the benefit of full body exercise.

Smart Dumbbells


The product is aimed at office ladies those who want to maintain the figure but have no time to exercise. Combine two qualities of posture shaping and 3C production, by using simple dumbbell to integrate with media play device production, add on artistic design and colors that could fit into the environment perfectly, and will not waste the space of the office desk top and could also replace the computer speakers. Besides, through a VCD course which is design only for female, users can exercise on their own or lead by professional couch to proceed in group with the music tempo. By using only ten minutes of time, makes a group of people or individual exercise freely in the office, in front of family TV or computer.

1. Automatically function of heartbeat detect, body fatness, BMI, calculation.
2. Special designed course or group training lead by professional couch, let users could get posture shaping and work out affect during the break time(5~10minutes) at work.
3. Ergonomics design, adjust the LCD panel into the largest range, makes it easy for users to read. Key board is moved to the bottom of the screen to avoid the fingers cover the screen when input the data.
4. Split-typed design by using high manufacture techniques, make it fit into the environment completely and support the base of Smart dumbbell and internal excellent speaker machinery.

E-Surf Board


Brand new generation of electronic jets surf board with high efficient electronic jet system to replace propeller, safe and sound.

Additionally, it is noiseless, no pollution, save energy and environment friendly. It does not matter whether the users are professional or the beginners, anyone could learn within a few minutes and easily to enjoy the pleasure of surfing in beautiful and peaceful lake or a calm sea surface anytime.

1. HP:7.5HP
2. Material:complex
3. Motor:100V7500W brushless DC motor
4. Power by:water jet
5. Maximum endurance: 25 minutes(full power in all process)
6. Deadweight:120kg
7. Charger:29.4V DC/5A.240V AC
8. Weight:65.3 kg
9. Battery:100V.20AH*4
10. Maximum speed:40km/h

Supa Batzooka


Traditional tee ball are popular for years in the markets, it only provide children the pleasure of hitting balls, and water gun only provide the fun of water drawing and shooting. on the other hand, Supa Batzooka provides both function, it includes the function of ball hitting and could also use as the water gun. At the same time gives consideration on the safety playing, and fits the International environment friendly standard and provides safe pleasure and the flexibility to use in any place and season, additionally provides education and entertainment.
1. CE water gun: Supa Batzooka baseball bat water gun with super size container, increase the capacity of water and the shooting range is 15 meters long, average ones only 1~5 meters cannot compete with; not only enlarge the range of children to have fun but also raise the amount of their activities.
2. Baseball bat for practice: It becomes a practice hitting bat after lock up male and female locks, add on an accessory PE plastic air ball, then children can use this product to practice hitting, it has both functions of practice and educate children about playing baseball.


Tel.+44-7711604323 +886-2-8770-6350

This is the first and only snowbike that fits to ANY existing snowboard and folds up so that it can be easily transported to and from ski slopes. The innovative structure enables the board to continue to function in the same way as it would do with normal bindings on. The snowbone fits to the same M6 holes that are in every snowboard so it can be mounted or demounted any time with an allen key. This design is patented. The patent has been granted in the US, Canada , Australia and New Zealand and is pending in other territories.
1. The main benefit is that the rider is not attached to the board , their feet are completely free.
2. This is great for new tricks (like on a BMX or motocross), and it is perfect for beginners who can step off the board before they fall off whilst learning (everyone knows learning to snowboard involves lots of falling off!).
3. If the rider has a slight leg or foot injury whilst on a ski holiday , they can still ride the snowbone and not miss a day of fun on the snow. The graphics are designed to be of a ‘street meets snow’ style.

JR-301 E-Tricycle


Brand new version of tricycle design and a sleek appearance, humanity design, offer a diverse feeling and innovated fashion style, access with a brushless DC motor could reach the purpose of exercise and work out.
1. 7 multi-speed hubs, for both leisure and work out.
2. Adopt high twist power, high efficient brushless DC motor, it is noiseless and never have to change the carbon brush.
3. Brake design: V-brake (front), Disk brake (back).
4. Different option of power pedal assist function and full power electronic approaching.
5. Electronic instruments:Easy to record the cycling distance and speed.

3 in 1 Folding Soccer Table


Average foosball tables in the market are enormous, without the design for space saving takes lots of space and makes it inconvenient to pack and ship, also increase the cost. Three in one foldable foosball table overcome the disadvantage of the technology, provide a convenient package, easy to carry and fold/unfold in a fashion beauty and modern look.

1. The board game table includes foosball, backgammon, chess function.
2. Foldable design, easy to fold it into a box, save space efficiently and easy to carry.
3. Foosball table legs are adjustable (21”~31”), suitable for users different heights.