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2006 Indoor Sports & Accessories





SMARTPONG is the world's first leading hi-tech table tennis robot. SMARTPONG (meaning SMARTest ping PONG robot in the world) was presented by TEH-JOU Science and Technology Co., Ltd.

The design of this new generation table tennis robot utilizes state-of-the-art industrial computer control technology to enhance its function, performance and reliability. The design also set the standard to help raise the level of table tennis play around the world..

SMARTPONG (model no.: TJ-3000) is ease of setup and takedown, it is the ideal table tennis tool not only suitable for player of any skill level but also suitable for clubs, teams, coaches and home use. Personal or individualized practice drills are essential to reach the next level. It was the first machine able to meet and exceed the spin and speed of the best players in the world.

We proudly present the newest and best table tennis robot in the world and you will never find any robot can competitive with it. This revolutionary robot is controlled by the most leading hi-tech computer technology that makes it programmable and fully automatic. Besides, it supports several unique features, like a wireless Infrared remote control with LCD display, it allows you to choose between manual mode and automatic preprogrammed mode as well as adjust the frequency (30 balls/minute to 90 balls/minute), speed, spin, and total practice time. In the manual mode, you can create an infinite quantity of your own practice routines.

You can program up to nine different independent types of ball spins and placements before the robot will repeat the routine. In the automatic mode, you can choose any one of the 9 preset routines. In addition to being the SMARTest ping PONG robot, SMARTPONG is also very easy to use, set up, and move around. It is very light weight (only 10.5 kilograms / 23 pounds), and compact, and it can be set up in less than 5 minutes. SMARTPONG is very quiet, and has many other advantages including an enhanced ball return and recycling system, a worldwide switching power adapter (AC88V~ 240V).

SMARTPONG has following unique features and functions:
The first computer fully automated table tennis robot in the world.
The first table tennis robot that supported IR (Infra-Red) remote control ***with LCD display.
The first table tennis robot includes function can adjust between AUTO ***and MANUAL modes.
  It is suitable for player of any skill level.
It is the perfect practice partner that will help you reach your true ***potential.
It is supported with detail User's Manual and Demo DVD.
It is awarded with patent in Germany, USA, Japan, China, Taiwan, etc.
SMARTPONG is available now please contact: COMPANY: TEH-JOU Science and Technology Co., Ltd. ADDRESS: Floor 2-1, No. 3, Wu-Chuan 1 Road, Hsin Chuan City, Taipei Hsien, Taiwan, R.O.C. TEL: 886-02-29200578 FAX: 886-02-23715948 E-Mail: joechen@giga.net.tw Website: www.tehjou.com.tw

Air Hockey



.Top Rail is made of Alum with 9mm MDF inside in order to enhance puck’s elasticity.
piece of 65W fans assemble in table are distinct from traditional.

The playing sounds by using 100mm solid striker are clear and melodious
80mm/30g weighted Pucks with RHINO photo carved are uneasy to be hit out of playfield.
Playfield made by blue paper with poly finish similar as Melamine. The playfield board is 1”; the thickest one in home used air-hockey table.
The structure under playfield is 18mm; the thickest structure in home used air-hockey table.
Puck Catcher with movable goal is patent for our customer – ESCALADE.
Table’s structure and packing was passed by Costco MTL Test.

2. Corner/ puck/ chrome logo/playing surface printing are all with RHINO logo.
1pc E.S. electronics scorer; sounds include getting points / counting down at last one min / no points in periods.