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The Huge hollow cell grip tape structure




The following is about “The huge hollow cell grip tape structure”. According to the conventional method, the non-woven substrate not punched to provide through holes, and DMF is dissolved in water after putting of the mixture-coated substrate in the water bath. The small air holes are formed. According to the present invention, the non-woven substrate base material has through holes through the top and bottom sides. After coating, the coating material fills in the through holes of the non-woven fabric base material, thereby causing DMF to be dissolved rapidly from two sides, and therefore big-size air cells are formed in the work-piece.

There are many excellent function when grip material with huge hollow cells inside.

The elastic PU cover material has big-size air cells to buffer shocks.
The big-size air cells let the grip more soft and elastic. It improves the holding stability.
The tiny recessed portions in the top surface to enhance the appearance value.